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Computer Fundamental courses at iTGuruzee are designed for students interested in managing and working productively with common operating systems. These courses will provide a useful foundation for anyone interested in using a computer or CoursesWindows to troubleshoot common system problems or who wish to upgrade to more advanced operating systems.

Each course is designed with a curriculum combining theory and conceptual application in a specialized subject matter. Students will learn the basic concepts and most common features and functions of various systems to optimize performance, complementing business training in the workplace environment. Courses will cover user account and security management, and the efficient configuration of fundamental software programs. Students will have ample opportunity to practice, apply and develop their system navigation skills through the completion of hands-on tasks.

What will you learn?

In this introductory course, students will become familiar with the basic principles of a personal computer, including the internal hardware, the operating system, and software applications. Students will gain practice in using key applications, such as word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software, as well as understand social and ethical issues around the Internet, information, and security.

Who is your target Students?

  • Students who are intrested in learning Computer, but they can't attend regular classes.
  • Those students who are want to study in their leasure/part time.
  • Student who have interest to study, but dont have funds to pursue these courses.
  • Anyone who have a computer/tablet/android mobile can take this course easily.


  • A Computer/Tablet/Andoid Moble, having internet access.
  • Understanding simple english language and no need to have any oprevious knowledge.
  • Free/Leasure time to take thises courses mindfully and have good concentration.
  • No need any fund to take or complete these courses, only need to study with own effort.

Share your knowledge with others!



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